Back to School…Back to the Gym

Posted on September 03 2013

Summer is now over…Back to school means people are going back the “grind”.  I’ll be honest I never really understood this concept, why is training, keeping active, clean eating, and a healthy lifestyle a seasonal thing?  I understand that family vacations, BBQ’s, patio’s, and beaches do get in the way of a hardcore workout routine but that doesn’t mean that you cannot be conscious of what you are eating or to simply just stay active.


You can avoid this cyclical pattern by simply doing active things with you family outdoors or check out cool clean recipes online that will be sure that you and your family can still enjoy the summer and keep the weight off.  Don’t get me wrong…even I like to indulge in a couple drinks and burgers but remember people IN MODERATION and be cautious of what you are putting into your body!      


Regardless of all the excuses or all the factors, the end of summer brings the gym rats back to “beast mode”.  Whether you are going back to training or you have been training all summer, here are a few tips to get the best workout in during this peak season:


1)      Do a good warm-up.   This allows you to wrap your head around the upcoming workout and allows you the time to figure out how to maneuver your way around the gym when it’s a packed house.  .         

2)      Be prepared to modify your workout on the fly.  If you are training at a public gym, you might have to change up your workout because your workout area is full or because your equipment is being used.  Don’t be afraid to change your workout around for that day.  Just remember that it a good thing that you even stepped foot into the door. 

3)      Change up your daily routine.  This might not be easy at first but try to avoid the gym’s peak times.  This means you might have to sacrifice some sleep to get to the gym first thing in the morning or you might have to go later on at night.  By changing up your daily routine, this will allow you to maximize your workout time and it’s even good for your mind and body to change this up and avoid complaisance.

4)      Stay focused.  This one is self explanatory but people who fall off the wagon forget about this rule.  Focus on the task at hand and keep your eyes on the prize and your goals will come faster sooner than later. 


I hope you all had a wonderful and safe summer and I hope this entry helps you when you are finding your way back in to the gym and on track to your goals!!!

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