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Posted on August 15 2013

It seems as though motivation has become a huge thing with athletes and workout warriors.  The truth of the matter is that motivation has always been within us whether we realize it or not.  There is always a reason why we do things especially when it comes to training and working out.  It could be because we want to lose the little extra pounds, we are going on vacation and want that beach body, you just had a baby and holding a few extra baby pounds, or you are getting ready for the upcoming season.  You are always motivated. 


I keep seeing all these memes, posters, saying, quotes coming up especially on my social media (BTW like us on Facebook ) and I asked myself why this all of a sudden these became a huge thing  in the fitness industry and the truth is the quotes are there to help us especially in this day in age with a busy lifestyle.   Everyone has experienced “de-motivation”.  Pro athletes have guest appearances and press conferences that take up a lot of their time, business people have jam packed days filled with meetings that all contribute to a lack of motivation. 


In order for you to be motivated one thing has to occur.  You have to VISUALIZE!   Visualize your end goal of losing those extra pounds, of you scoring the winning goal, or you knocking out your opponent.  “Keeping your eyes on the prize” will help you get to the end goal. 


Secondly,   set small goals which will ultimately lead you to your end goal.  If you are a fighter, look at cutting weight as a small goal or add to more 2 training sessions to the week.  This will get you to your ultimate goal of stepping into battle and winning that fight.  How about if you aren’t a fighter?  This will also work, if you’re ultimate goal is to lose 15 lbs in a month then set a smaller goal of losing 5 pounds a week and maybe do that extra 10 minutes of cardio.  This will make the journey a lot less strenuous. 


Reward yourself when you reach a goal!  Give yourself a pat on the back...maybe treat yourself to a day off from the gym or a small little cheat meal (if you are ahead of schedule).  Nothing better grabbing the dangling carrot. 


Do things you love and have fun doing it!  Pick workouts that you enjoy and plan it out so you have fun doing it.  Play upbeat music, do cardio you enjoy, do drills you love to train and you will see you training session fly by.   Enjoy the journey before it’s all over!


To sum things up, always ALWAYS visualize..see your end goal!  Imagine the feeling you will have when you get there, imagine the setting, imagine what you will look like, and imagine all the people around you cheering you on.  Set small goals so you can reach them and continue climbing to your ultimate goal and when you do, give yourself a reward.   Lastly, Have fun training...It’s all a journey...Soak up every training session and enjoy the ride!! 

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