Coconut Oil – The secret Fat Burner

Posted on July 29 2013

If you walk into any Sport Nutrition store you will find a wall (sometimes more than one) filled with weight loss supplements and fat burners.  Lots of people rely on these to help the shed those extra pounds but what lots of people don’t realize is that some of the foods they eat also contains fat burning agents.  Coconut Oil not only tastes great but it also can get rid of the unwanted body fat you might be holding.


Why is Coconut Oil so good??


Well for starters coconut oil as a high stability at high temperatures so coconut oil is great for cooking unlike other cooking oils which will turn into trans-fats at high temperatures.  To get a better understanding of coconut oil and its thermogenic properties, fats are broken down to fatty acids then eventually converted into fatty tissue.  Unlike other cooking oils Virgin Coconut Oil is a Medium Chain Trigyceride (MCT) which is quickly absorbed by the body the same way the body would as a carbohydrate.   Since this is the case, your body’s metabolism will naturally increase and the body will use it as a source of energy rather than sit as a fatty acid.


Not only will Virgin Coconut Oil help you lose the unwanted body fat but it will help with total health such as improved skin appearance and increase in cardiovascular strength. 


Include coconut oil into your diet.  Start cooking, baking, and even using it as a condiment!  There are tons of recipes  online for coconut oil and how implement it into cooking so give it a try...It’s just small but very effective addition to a healthy lifestyle!


Enjoy and Happy eating!!

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