Warming Up - The Fuel For The Fire

Posted on July 17 2013

Warming up truly is the workout before the workout but we are all guilty of cutting them short or missing them totally.  Like all workouts (including the warm up), you have to maximize your time doing it effectively in order to benefit from it.  I say this and I'm sure you've heard it before but do you know why it is important.  Here are a couple points that explain why the warm ups will fire you up for your workout.


1) It gets you mentally prepared for the battle you are about to face.  Doing a small warm up allows you the time to focus on the workout you are about to crush.  Before each game, every athlete warms up and visualizes the game that he/she is about to play.  Warm ups are not only for your muscles, they are also for your mind.  


2) Muscle Activation.  Have you ever felt sore after your first set into your workout or the first 2 minutes into a game.  The reason for this is because your muscles are not ready for it.  Your muscles are dormant before you workout so you have to activate them and get them going so your body is ready for action.


3) Injury prevention.  By activating your muscles, you are less likely to get injured.  Without a proper warm up, you are working out with dormant muscles which increases the chance of pull, tearing, or breaking some thing.  10 minutes to warm up will save you months of rehab.


Every warm up should be just long enough to accomplish all of these.  Try to make the warm up a total body warm up and make sure you slightly sweating and your core body temperature is increased.


Take the 10-15 minutes before a workout to warm up and prevent injury, visualize your work out, and activate your muscles.  Warm up's will make you a more effective athlete, maximize each of your work outs, and ultimately get you closer to your goals..  

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