5 Benefits from Sweating During Exercise

Posted on June 23 2013

There has been much debate on the topic of sweating.  Some see it as a positive thing and some avoid it like the plague!  In actuality sweating is good especially during a workout but do we know why?  Here are a couple reason that sweating is a good thing!

1) Measurement of your training intensity.  When you are training and training hard, you will sweat more (not rocket science right?).  People really use sweating as a measurement of their hard work.  Some people believe that the more they sweat the harder they work and vice versa.  The truth is that there is some truth to that.  Use sweating as a benchmark of your work capacity.

2) Lowers Body Temperature.  Without sweating your body would over heat and it's your body's natural cooling system.  think of it like a car.  If your car overheats, it will breakdown...make sense?  Well this is your body's way of not breaking down and recover for a long journey aka tough workout!

3) Cleans your Skin.  Yes ladies that's right!  Sweating will beautify your skin.  When you sweat, you open up your pours and allows you to release the toxin that is in your skin allow the skin to breathe.  If the pours are closed, you will start seeing skin blemishes appear.  So ladies don't avoid sweating if you think you look bad sweating, imagine what happens if you don't!

4) Acts as a detoxifying agent.  When you are sweating, you are getting rid of an toxins that are in your system.  Research has shown that the kidney take take up to 24 hours to remove toxins in your system.  Sweating can help that process by removing harmful substances such as cholesterol, salt, and alcohol.  


5) Thermogenics and lastly, it helps burn body fat.  Sweating during exercise will increase your metabolism, reduce water, and help you lose weight and inches (again, not rocket science).


There you have it, while some avoid the sweating, other strive for it.  Next time you are at the gym, train hard (but smart) and remember sweating is a good thing!!

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