Bye Bye Patio...Hello Gym!

Posted on October 03 2014

Well the kids are now back in school, the pool is closed, and the fall weather is here.  You can still workout outside like you did in the summer but as the colder weather hits, the likely of working out outside is slim to none.  Let’s be honest, you would rather workout inside in a control climate then in the freezing cold.  Some people do but not this cat!

If you are one of those who like to workout in a gym with people around then it’s easy to get motivated since all you have to do is get in your car and head to the gym (Reminder: the gym is busy at this time of year so avoid the talkers and get the workout done).  But if you don’t like hustle and bustle of the gym especially at this time, then here are a few simple ways to get motivated and train at home. 

  1. Invest in some workout equipment. Ok this is pretty obvious but hear me out!  You don’t have to break the bank to get some good workout equipment.  Of course a treadmill or elliptical would be great for cardio, but how out a skipping rope or an agility ladder?  I know a whole rack of dumbbells would be nice but how about a TRX trainer (  Sometimes the simpler the better.  INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH. 
  2. Workout at optimal downtime. I know this may not sound realistic but it would be tough to workout when the kids get back from school and want their afternoon snack or first thing in the morning when everyone in the house is getting ready for work or school.  Wake up an hour early and start the day with a quick and effective workout then get into your routine or start your workout when the kids get to bed and it’s “your” time.  It’s only an hour a day...MAKE THE TIME!
  3. Diet is everything! Now that summer is gone, the likely hood of patio drinks and weekend BBQ’s are slowly diminishing.  It is time to start looking at cleaning up the diet.  Just like in tip #2, make this a daily routine!  It has been proven that food changes your mood and fuels the brain so the cleaner you eat, the more motivated you will be to get your workouts back in check!

I know I know, you’re saying easier said than done but if you feel that it’s time to get your body back into shape, then you need to be motivated.  Ask yourself why you are ready and what your goals are.  If you can answer yourself honestly then keep that in mind when it’s time to get on the treadmill or lift that weight.  Train Hard…Train Effective…Train Safe!

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