Posted on May 23 2014

I would like to introduce you to one of Sweet Sweat's newest athlete's Claire Wheeler.  You can follow her continuing journey on Instagram @claire_madison.  


Photo courtesy of Arsenik Studios

My name is Claire Wheeler, I grew up in a beautiful town, White Rock, BC. I now reside in Vancouver, BC. Growing up as a child and in my teenage years I did not have much self-esteem. I felt as if I did not fit in amongst my peers.

As a young adult I started working out and got really into pole fitness. At age 22 I decided to hire a personal trainer, as I felt some of my body parts were not developing to their full potential. My then trainer Diana Todd quickly recognized how dedicated I was to the meal plan and training plan that she had given me. She suggested that I give competing a shot.  I thought it was an idea that was outlandish. However I decided to go home and consider it.  That was the moment I decided to stop cutting myself short, I was going to embrace the journey of preparing for a competition. 

That November I placed 10th at Sandra Wickham Fall Classic, what an amazing experience that was. I knew this was my passion; the one I had been searching for my whole life. The next show with the BCABBA was the Krack Klassic, I was ready to jump right into it! I worked diligently everyday on the feedback I received from the judges, I had to progress from my last show. That was my goal, to evolve physically and emotionally as a person. March 1st 2014, I placed 1st in my class and Overall Bikini. This was one of the proudest moments of my life.

I stay motivated by surrounding myself with inspiring positive people. I am fortunate enough to have Diana as my workout partner, and I am on the Body by Brandt team. It is a pleasure to train with Leigh and Dean, seeing how dedicated they both are on a daily basis pushes me to be a better person. I am also blessed to be apart of Team Gat, they have an extraordinary team of athletes that I look up to. Then of course being a part of Sweet Sweat is a huge support to me as an athlete. Knowing that I’ve built these great relationships over time makes me feel like I am representing a lot of people when I step on stage. I want to maintain my happiness and personal growth throughout life, this is what I have the ability to do when I am progressing as an athlete. Just knowing that makes it worth it to never give up.

I look forward to competing at the IFM search in Toronto next weekend and The BC Provincials June 2014. You can bet I will be bringing a more improved package from where I was last show. That is always my goal every show to be better than I was the last and of course to inspire others.

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