A Story Of A Little Warrior With A Kind Heart

Posted on May 14 2014

Even though this story is not related to fitness, MMA, cutting weight, or dieting, we decided to write a blog post to tell the story of this remarkable young Brazilian Jiu Jitsu student who has a massive heart.  Here is her story...



Meet Layla Sciara, a 7 year old Brazilain Jiu Jitsu little warrior who has been training at Pura BJJ in Hamilton, ON for 2 years. Layla’s story is quite an inspiration. She decided to start selling bracelets which she hand makes herself to raise money for the children of Haiti.  “Bracelets by Layla” started earlier this year through a Facebook page created by Layla’s parents, Dave and Tara where people donate money by buying bracelets either pre or custom made by Layla.  

Her initial goal was to raise $1000.00 but once people heard of this great story, she has more than doubled that due to the high demands of the bracelets. Her big heart and kind efforts have been recognized by many organizations and her story has even reached Haiti where children are wearing some of Layla’s bracelets.  Even UFC Champion Johny “Big Rigg” Hendricks who heard of Layla’s story surprised her at her home to commend her and received a first-hand lesson in bracelet design.  Check out this promo video which features Johny and Layla.

All money raised will be given to the Joy & Hope of Haiti Foundation.  The Foundation uses all donations to build schools and train teachers, to provide clean drinking water and proper toilet facilities as well as to ensure that the children in Haiti are feed a healthy snack or meal each day.  Layla as well as the Joy & Hope of Haiti are both very excited to be involved in this venture.  

The bracelets are made with the popular Rainbow Loom craft and come in various styles including hockey team colors, World Cup soccer flag colors, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu belt colors, and has even created Superhero Key chains. 

Please join Layla's Facebook page, “Bracelets by Layla”, if you are interested learning more about such an amazing story and donating to a great cause.   

  • The Children of Haiti showing their love for Layla
  • Layla showing off her merchandise
  • Layla posing with Sweet Sweat athletes Matt McDonald and Patricia VanderMeer




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