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Posted on November 01 2015

The Surprising Truth About Metabolism

Did you know that your metabolism slows down for each decade of your life after the age of 20? This means that as you age, calorie burn slows down while fats accumulate faster.

For this, experts recommend eating right, exercise and adopting certain lifestyle changes to balance weight and prevent yourself from becoming bulkier as you age. Unfortunately, not everyone burns fat in the same way and at the same rate. Those who have more muscle for example, are able to burn more calories even when they are at rest. There are also those who have a naturally fast metabolism – people who can eat whatever they want and not gain a single pound.

Of course, these all sound unfair especially if you are one of those folks who need to work doubly hard to whittle even just an inch off the waist.

Don't Let a Slow Metabolism Devastate You

A slow metabolism is a biological bugbear that keeps you from getting that fit body you want. Don’t let that slow metabolism get in your way! Try Sweet Sweat and see results after usage. Once you start exercising with Sweat Sweat, it pushes your body to circulate blood better, burn more calories and accelerate weight loss. Sweet Sweat works by accelerating your heart rate. Thus, the more intensely you exercise, the better it will perform to give you optimal results.

The Story Behind Sweet Sweat

Sweet Sweat was developed by Jeff Pedersen, a three-time national champion at the University of Southern California (USC) and Chicago Cub baseball. It started with Pedersen’s goal to boost the workout programs and results of his athletic club members. The outcomes have been just amazing and now, Sweet Sweat is sold in over 50 countries. The repeat sales demonstrate how safe and effective Sweet Sweat is in intensifying any type of workout program.

Today, Sweet Sweat is being used by both amateur and professional athletes worldwide including boxers, mixed martial artists, wrestlers, baseball players, footballers, bodybuilders, soccer players, tennis players, and so on. Besides substantially improving blood circulation, Sweet Sweat is proven to speed up both warm up and recovery time and help users get the best out of their workout sessions.


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