Fat Loss for Women

Posted on November 01 2015

When it comes to fat loss, it seems like the odds are stacked against women. For one thing, men are “genetically designed to have a higher percentage of muscle and less fat.” This of course means that men have an advantage when it comes to burning calories and getting that rock hard body.

There’s also the fact that men’s bodies respond more quickly to exercise, while women’s bodies hit starvation mode first before actually losing fat. Another factor is aging, which makes weight management difficult for both men and women. Then there’s pregnancy. And to top it all off, women have to contend with the hormone factor, wherein higher levels of estrogen predispose their bodies to store and retain fat. All in all, it does sound like a recipe for unfairness, especially to women with ultra busy lifestyles. With a little work though (okay, a lot of work) and some proven tricks of the trade, you ladies would never have to worry about uneven odds and fat loss differences between men and women.

The Sweet Sweat Factor

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggested that women need at least 60 minutes of moderate exercise a day to prevent weight gain or by working out intensely for 30 minutes. Since you need to work harder in order to achieve fat loss, you will benefit greatly by getting a good thermogenic workout like lifting weights. Use Sweet Sweat to help you workout longer and make the exercise feel easier for better results.

Made from powerful antioxidants and nourishing oils such as Jojoba, Tocopheryl acetate, pomegranate, acai and aloe vera, Sweet Sweat helps promote circulation and energy during exercise.* Doing the right intense workout will help accelerate thermogenesis, a process where heat energy is produced through physical activity.

For women who are looking to burn fat fast or shave those extra inches off their waist, thigh, arms, etc., you’ll be happy to know that weightlifting is one of the best ways to shape these areas. Sweet Sweat workout enhancer is effective in targeting “slow to respond” problem areas, improving circulation and energy during your exercise.* Cellulite begins when excess fat accumulates in these problem areas. Improving circulation helps minimize the appearance of the orange peel look.

Enjoy the many benefits of Sweet Sweat by checking out our products page and ordering your first jar, packet, or stick today!
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